Partnering with our company, CHIPD, can provide significant benefits to businesses in the Kitchen & Bath industry, especially when it comes to managing large ticket purchases and chargebacks. Our team has extensive experience working with high-value transactions and understands the unique challenges that these types of purchases can present. We offer a range of customizable payment processing solutions designed to help businesses in this industry streamline their payment systems and improve their bottom line. Additionally, our chargeback protection services can help businesses mitigate the risk of fraudulent chargebacks, which can be especially prevalent in high-value transactions. By partnering with CHIPD, Kitchen & Bath industry businesses can access the expertise and tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

The previous processor had been raising rates regularly and I needed to make a change. With CHIPD, I’m savings money. It was a painless and seamless process to get started, and I have been happy with their services for 10 years now.
Robert Reback Owner – Owner, Reback’s Plumbing N’ Things – Gardena, California