Do you know how much your office is paying to process a debit card? You could be paying hundreds of dollars too much every month. We’ll tell you exactly what to look for on your statement. NOTE: If your current processing provider is one of the large national banks, you’ll definitely want to read on. 

Dig out a recent credit card processing statement and let’s get started.

After completing hundreds of cost comparisons for businesses throughout Lincoln, Omaha and across the nation, we’ve noticed one simple trend; many are paying too much for debit card transactions. According to medical offices that use our service, roughly 35-40% of all transactions processed are debit cards. That’s a lot!

Debit cards carry the least amount of risk so they cost much less to process; makes sense, right? Here are the wholesale, or interchange, costs.

  • .05% + $.22* per transaction (large, national banks)
  • .8% + $.15* per transaction (local, community banks)

Do you have your statement out? Good! Look for any processing detail line item that says DB or Debit. See our example below…


You can see in this example, they are being drastically overcharged to process debit card transactions. If you’re unsure about the debit rate you are paying or want us to take a closer look, feel free to email us at [email protected] or fax over a recent credit card processing statement to (866) 670-8944 ATTN Mike DiGiacomo. We’d be happy to take a look.

Are you a member of a medical association such as the Nebraska Medical Association or OneHealth Nebraska? Be sure to let us know! We have exclusive, endorsed partnership programs available with special, money saving benefits.

*pricing is for card present, swiped debit transaction