Medical Society of New Jersey

September 23, 2020New Jersey Medical Society announces a partnership with CHIPD, a leading payment processing provider dedicated to accelerating the adoption of value-based payment methodologies within the healthcare industry… With this partnership, New Jersey Medical Society will provide its members with opportunities to improve their patient payment experience and help providers collect on patient invoices faster and with less effort.

CHIPD’s product is efficient, easy to use, and offers several benefits that can save New Jersey Medical Society partners over $2,000 per year. New Jersey Medical Society ensures all partners are clearly vetted, accountable, and provide superior customer service prior to establishing a relationship. New Jersey Medical Society seeks to only provide their members with knowledge-based, valuable, and cost-effective solutions, and is excited to promote CHIPD Medical Payments to their valued members.

CHIPD, currently endorsed by over 30 state medical and dental associations, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), provides solutions to effortlessly move providers in the direction of value-based care. CHIPD achieves this with an enhanced, healthcare-focused payment suite that maximizes efficiency with value.

“Our mission is to educate every revenue cycle manager on the value of providing enhanced patient payment options and how this positively impacts the revenue cycle.” said Dominic DiGiacomo, Managing Partner of CHIPD Medical. DiGiacomo added, “Providers should no longer use antiquated payment devices and expect to maximize the revenue cycle. We provide best-in-class solutions to better outfit practices to become more efficient, increase profitability, and lower their accounts receivables time frames. We are delighted to partner with the New Jersey Medical Society so that we can continue our commitment toward value-based care.”


CHIPD’s mission is to provide best-in-class payment products to the healthcare industry. Our payment platform allows medical offices to leverage technology and speed up patient payments, thereby reducing office interruptions and administrative costs associated with revenue cycle management. Approaching $2 billion in payments annually, CHIPD welcomes over 35 endorsements from medical and dental related associations, as well as purchasing groups.

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